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Engineered lifting and pulling equipment for heavy construction projects

Timberland Equipment

The Timberland Group has been a strategic partner in many of the world’s largest and most challenging construction projects. Our construction hoists and systems have been at work atop the world’s tallest buildings and also deep beneath the ground performing shaft and tunnel tasks for large civil construction projects.

Timberland Equipment is renowned for its custom hoists used to lift construction materials, assemblies and personnel. Our winches power the trenchless technologies to pull liners into underground duct or for pipe bursting projects. Timberland has also developed unique portable construction derricks, including our original adjustable leg design for special lifting needs and for dismantling cranes.

Construction engineers: Try out our convenient Derrick Capacity & Reaction Calculator to quickly evaluate stresses on all derrick members and see maximum allowable loads based on the dimensions and load factors you input.

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