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The Members of Timberland Group

Engineered solutions “under one roof”

While each company in the Timberland Group has nurtured unique capabilities to serve its specialized markets, all reflect a shared commitment to engineering excellence, quality manufacturing and outstanding customer service. Sharing expertise and resources throughout our organization, our teams bring together best-in-class experience in:

  • Application expertise
  • Heavy equipment engineering
  • Hydraulics design and PLC control
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Field service and maintenance support
  • Turnkey project support

Our ability to execute every step of our customers’ projects, from design concept to lifelong support, powers our vision and experience to bring innovative ideas to life. Combining our engineering and manufacturing resources in each of our facilities simplifies customers’ procurement of engineered solutions by bringing all phases of the project under one roof, with one responsibility.

Visit our projects library for more insight into how Timberland solutions have created new opportunities for productivity and profitability for our customers in every field.