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The Members of Timberland Group

A trusted partner for utility and resource industries

Members of the Timberland Group have earned a reputation for innovative, efficient solutions to the needs of major utility and resource projects worldwide. We are a leading source in the industry for custom-engineered equipment for winching, lifting, pulling, conveying, line-handling and tensioning applications:

Electrical Power & Communications: Timberland pioneered today’s equipment and practices for cable tension stringing worldwide for power transmission, distribution and communications. <more>

Heavy Construction: Timberland hoists and winching systems have met the challenges of the world’s tallest buildings and underground civil projects. <more>

Underground Mining: Timberland companies assure safe, efficient delivery of power and the transport of material, equipment and personnel. <more>

Marine & Fishing Industries: Timberland technology has supported fisheries and marine exploration for more than 100 years. <more>

Offshore Oil & Gas Projects: Timberland is a leading force in the design and delivery of mooring systems, riser systems and deck gear for offshore platforms and their service boats. <more>