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Engineering success in heavy construction

Timberland Group a strategic partner in many of the world’s largest and most challenging construction projects, delivering engineered projects that increase efficiency and dependability while reducing risk for contractors and investors.

Timberland supplied the derrick and drum hoist used to dismantle the tower for tallest residential structure in New York, completed in October, 2014.
From Timberland Construction Projects

The V.C Summer Nuclear Station is being built with a 6800-tonne ringer derrick using a hoist and control systems from Timberland.
From Timberland Construction Projects

Timberland provided the derrick and hoist used to dismantle the construction tower crane for the tallest building in the western hemisphere.
From Timberland Construction Projects

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge
This bridge reconstruction project called for safely lifting and positioning massive 750-ton precast bridge segments delivered on barges.
From Timberland Construction Projects

The Hoover Dam Bypass
The Hoover Dam Bypass urgently needed a fast-track replacement for its highline lift system after its original cranes were swept away by gusting winds.
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Kiewit Heavy Lift Device
The Kiewit HLD in Texas relies on precise synchronization of multiple hoists to safely handle loads of up to 13,000 tons.
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