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The Members of Timberland Group

Engineered material handling equipment and vehicles for mining applications

For underground and open pit mines throughout the world, Timberland Group is the proven reliable source for engineered solutions that assure safe, efficient transport of material, equipment and personnel.

Timberland Equipment

Timberland Equipment has been meeting the needs of mining customers for its varied hoists, winches, sheaves and derricks for more than 50 years. Within the mine, Timberland also develops and supplies specialized equipment for pulling rail cars, tensioning ropes and cables, and for operating mine conveyor systems. Our modular and mobile mine rescue systems are just one example of how the mines put their trust in Timberland for their most critical applications.

Marcotte Mining

Our Minejack carriers have long been recognized as the workhorse among underground utility vehicles. With decades of experience tailoring these versatile carriers to the specific needs of every mine, Marcotte Mining Machinery continues to expand our capabilities in a myriad of roles from personnel transport to shotcreting and ANFO loading.

TSE International

For reel-winding equipment required to handle cables for electrically powered surface mining equipment, contact our tensioning stringing specialists at TSE International.

Our international experience, from Russia to China to South America, provides the engineers of the Timberland Group with the local knowledge to ensure that our equipment is consistently in compliance with the world’s wide range of mine practices and safety codes.

For additional information on our experience and capabilities in mining applications, contact: