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Engineered solutions for fishing, marine, dredging and ocean science applications

Timberland is an active partner in a host of ventures operating on the oceans and inland waterways of the world.

Timberland Equipment


Two Timberland companies – Timberland Equipment and Hawboldt Industries – share long histories in service to the marine industry. Both facilities design and manufacture a wide range of anchor winches, capstans and reels as well as specialized deck gear for workboats and tugs such as towing equipment, ship-assist winches and dredging winches.

In recent years, Timberland Equipment has emerged as a leading force in the design and delivery of mooring systems and line-handling equipment for offshore oil & gas platforms.

Hawboldt offers a unique focus on advanced ocean technologies with specialized ROV handling equipment, marine cranes and oceanographic winches for undersea science, survey and naval security applications.

For decades, Hawboldt has served the fishing industry with its net reels, winches and loading gear. Our facility is also renowned as a premier supplier of custom-built propellers of all sizes for commercial and recreational vessels, including complete repair and reconditioning services.

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